Wagon | CabConstruction

Here we wire-brushed and painted the back-half of the frame and started constructing the new cab floor.

Here is a better shot of the cab floor as it is being constructed.

Here we are constructing the front, back, and mid-bar of the cab.

Here is another view of the cab sides being constructed.

Here we mocked up the seats and added the rear roll-cage bar/support.

Here we added the top bar of the roll-cage.

Here we added the front roll-cage bars/support and engine compartment bars.

Here is a front-view of the progress thus far.

Here is a side-view of the progress thus far.

Here we have half of the floor sheeted and are tacking up a side.

Here is an inside-view of the cab's sheeting thus far.

Here is the cab on the frame after the side sheeting has been welded and ground.

Here is the floor after sheeting the transmission well.

Here is the back of the cab after it has been sheeted, completing the cab fabrication.

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